Friendship Poetry

Poets often write friendship poetry and most of the time they may not even know. Friendship poetry can be very loving or the opposite. This form of poetry can be written about a social friendship, relationship friendship, a work friendship or family friendship. For some poets it may be very easy for them to write friendship poetry.Social friendship is most often a friendship between two people who’ve known each other for a long time. Writers often write friendship poetry in this form in a good or bad way about the friend. If the poem is written in a bad way the person usually write bad things about their friend or what about how the friend did bad things. If the poem is written in a good way the poet usually writes about how they appreciate the friend or write about good things that the friend has done. Because social friendships can sometimes quickly end this poetry form may not get written as much as similar styles.Relationship friendship poetry is written a lot by people. A lot of poets start seriously writing poetry when they are in their teen years and at the same time during their teen years is when they start having girlfriend or boyfriend relationships. This form of poetry can be very similar to love poetry. It the relationship is going well the poet may write a poem describe friendship bond between the two. If the relationship is not going well the person may write a poem describing how bad of a person their friend is.Most people who work with other people at a job usually make work friendships with other employees. Writers sometimes write poems about work friendships. Even though they might not mention their work friend’s name the poem they write can be very descriptive. If their work relationship with the friend is good they may write poem detailing it but if it’s not a good relationship they could write a poem that explains why their relationship is not good. Because in a lot of jobs employees are always coming and going this form of poetry may not get written often.Family friendship poetry can be very emotional when written. A poem in this form can be about the poet’s mother, sister or cousin. When the poem is written with good emotions it will probably describe how much the family means to the poet. If it is written with sad emotions the poem may be written describing all of the bad things about the person’s family member. Because most people who are raised up in their family may be close to their family this style of poetry because of the feelings that come along with it is not easily written but is a style of poetry that is often written by poets.Friendship poems should continue to be a good style of poetry. Because of fact that a lot of people go through a lot of friendships this form of poetry will continued to be written. Friendship poetry can be found online, in books and in many other different places.

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